Reference design for RK3188-SOM with HDMI, 100Mb Ethernet, 4x USB hosts
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RK3188-SOM-EVB is OSHW certified Open Source Hardware with UID BG000128

Reference design of a 2-layer board comaptible with RK3188-SOM that adds HDMI, 100MB Ethernet, USB-OTG, 4x USB HS/FS/LS hosts, RTC with backup battery. The RK3188-SOM-EVB board also adapts the 0.05'' step GPIO headers to 0.1'' step headers so you can easily attach an LCD or UEXT module. Its hardware design is open source and available as Eagle CAD files, so everyone can modify and tailor it according to the specific needs. Templates for RK3188-SOM receiptacle are available for Eagle and KiCAD.


  • Includes RK3188-SOM-4GB
  • RK3188-SOM(-4GB) matching connectors
  • Power barrel jack, +6V to +16V DC
  • HDMI video output with a standard connector
  • LCD video output on a 40 pin at 0.1" step connector (compatible with Olimex LCD displays)
  • 100Mb Ethernet interface with a connector
  • 2 × UEXT connectors
  • USB-OTG with power control and current limiter
  • 4 × USB host
  • Built-in RTC module
  • Coin battery connector that keeps the RTC powered
  • 2 × GPIO connectors × 40 pin @ 0.1" step
  • Power LED
  • Dimensions of the SOM part: (3.2×1.8)'' ~ (81×56)mm
  • Dimensions of the EVB part: (5.45×3.35)" ~ (138×85)mm


  • Image links, instructions, demo software, customer projects and more might be found at the wiki page of RK3188-SOM: RK3188-SOM wiki pages


  • How do I remove the RK3188-SOM-4GB main board from the RK3188-SOM-EVB peripheral board? It looks like a very tight fit.
  • Try to use a thin and long object as a lever. Carefully place it on a spot that won't damage other components. Push each side slowly up before attempting to pull out the RK3188-SOM-4GB from the RK3188-SOM-EVB's connectors. Never try to remove the whole side in one go! Doing so would most likely damage the connectors and the male pins! Always try to symetrically push up the RK3188-SOM-4GB frm the EVB.