IRC #olimex 2022-01-24

[14:04:44] <Tsvetan_> RK3328 now plays video in 4K resolution, but it's with some limitations like not all video formats and just one patched video player :) i.e. if you run Youtube in your browser there will be no hardware acceleration
[17:35:20] <jonas> congrats, Tsvetan!
[17:35:42] <jonas> worthy if a blog entry? ;-)
[17:37:06] <jonas> you might wanna try playing youtube videos using mpv - and experiment with options to force download specific formats supported by the drivers
[17:43:33] <jonas> i.e. either use custom ytdl:// URI and --ytdl-raw-options, or normal and --script-opts
[17:56:46] <jonas> Tsvetan: do you use custom-packaged and related libraries?