IRC #olimex 2022-09-28

[14:06:13] <Tsvetan> KREYREN: What is this PCB supplier? I guess somee local Czech shop? Also how do you supply your own aluminum? PCBs are not made from aluminum but from Fieberglass laminated to Aluminum. Do you produce it by yourself? Under normal conditions FR4 will be always less expensive than Aluminum. That your weird local shop has some odd pricing is not something others will appreciate.
[14:08:18] <KREYREN> Yes locally i can get it more economically, but you can also get the same/similar result through e.g. PCBWay when it's for two sided PCBs
[14:18:42] <KREYREN> you provide the PCB for 1 EUR, locally i was able to get on 0.84 EUR and i can make them by hand on CNC which is near-free
[14:19:53] <KREYREN> and it's not fibreglass laminated on alluminium that technology is no longer used to my knowledge it's two thin sheets of alluminium with dielectic layer in the middle of it.. the layer material changes per fabricator
[14:20:54] <KREYREN> or in case of multi-layer pcbs you have thicker alluminium face and back and then copper layers sandwitched in dielectric material
[14:21:55] <KREYREN> if you have your own PCB fabrication thing then you can probably just take alluminium cans, put them in an acid to get rid of the marking and oxidation and then melt them which is what i am doing
[14:31:19] <Tsvetan> KREYEN you can't be serious, if you make the PCBs for almost FREE please make me 100 :) I can find you lot of customers
[14:41:25] <KREYREN> ACTION narrow eyes
[14:42:19] <KREYREN> said near free bcs if you have access to CNC in e.g. makerspace then you can just cut them there assuming you have the materials.. i plan on trying that in 3 weeks
[14:43:20] <KREYREN> can send you pics after if you want to buy some :p
[16:04:39] <Tsvetan> So for someone who have no CNC, neither steal free aluminum and value his time maybe the EUR 1 would be better deal than your offer?
[17:57:17] <epony> Tsvetan, copper, not aluminium
[17:58:00] <epony>