OLinuXino - Open Source Hardware Boards

OLINUXINO is Open Source software and Open Source Hardware, low cost Linux Industrial grade single board computer with GPIOs capable to operate -25+85C.



OLinuXino is Open Source Software and Open Source Hardware Open Source Hardware, low cost Linux computer which could be manufactured in Industrial-40+85C and commercial 0-70C temperature grade.

OLinuXino is completely open source hardware and open source software, which means you have access to all the CAD files and sources and you can reuse them for your own personal or commercial projects. There are NO restrictions to manufacturing and selling these boards for your own use or resale. This means security for your business, you own everything and have control.

OLIMEX Ltd has agreement with Allwinner for longevity support. We can purchase Allwinner chips which are obsolete if we order minimum quantity of 50Kpcs. This allow us to offer our boards for a very long period of time (typical life of Allwinner SOCs are 8-12 months) and we keep producing boards with A10 and A13 although these chips were anounced as obsolete in 2014 and Allwinner do not sell them anymore. We can order these chips and keep producing the boards with A10 and A13 as long as there is demand for them. We also sell the Allwinner chips on our web, so if you decide to manufacture OLinuXino by yourself locally you can do this safely.

OLinuXino design is improving continually, the other Linux boards have one or two revisions, our boards have many revisions (some of them 12 or more) as we listen to community feedback and implement new and new improvements, but keeping backward compatibility, so once you choose your OLINUXINO you can be sure you will get them always in same specs, just better and better with time. This is not toy board which will overheat, or use linear LDOs or have weak USB host capability and it will not reboot when exposed to noise like or competitors do :) Our boards are used in applications where reliable 24/7 operation is needed. Each detail of them is designed based on our 25+ years of experience. With the open source design nothing is hidden and you can check and evaluate every bit of them.

OLinuXino is available in any quantity. We are not only designing our boards but also manufacture in house. This gives us independance and we can produce the boards in any quantity fast and flexible.

The project is hosted at Github


The development discussion group
OLinuXino forum

What Makes OLiuXino products better than competition?

  • They are designed by electronic engineers with 25+ experience in designing and producting electronic boards;
  • We carefully select our SOCs and make sure there is linux support for all board features BEFORE we release the boards;
  • We manufacture as long as there is demand! We can guarantee long availability. We are here for 25+ years and will be here for many years to come;
  • The boards are designed and produced at our factory in Bulgaria making us flexible with delivery schedules;
  • We can produce our boards in Industrial grade -40+85C;
  • Our boards are used in so demanding applications as payment terminals, sport equipment, speed camera logger, 3d- printing, mining and in extreme places like Antarctica and even Space;
  • We continually improve our board features based on our customers feedback, but try to keeping backward compatibility;
  • We can manufacture earlier revisions for customer who do not want to change their product (i.e. no need for new certifications etc.);
Releasing the boards as Open Source Hardware bring even more values for our customers:
  • they have control over all board design info;
  • there are no hidden features and bugs, everything is at your disposal;
  • your business is secured: you can buy from us or manufacture yourself or hire someone to manufacture these boards;
  • designing OSHW gives us advantage to receive customer feedback even at the earliest stage of the development;


The Hardware project is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

You may reproduce it for both your own personal use, and for commercial use

You will have to provide a link to the original creator of the project http://www.olimex.com on any documentation or website.

You may also modify the files, but you must then release them as well under the same terms.

Credit can be attributed through a link to the creator website: http://www.olimex.com

If you are not confident with the Open Source Licensee - no problem you can contact us and we can work on commercial licensee or re-design of OLINUXINO to fit better your needs.


The software is released under GPL.