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Reference design for AM3352-SOM on 2 layer board

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  • AM3352-SOM-EVB
  • AM3352-SOM-EVB-IND
  • AM3359-SOM-EVB-IND
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AM3352-SOM-EVB is OSHW certified Open Source Hardware with UID BG000130

AM3352-SOM-EVB is reference design on 2 layer board for AM3352-SOM which adds 4x USB hosts, USB OTG, CAN driver, VGA, 2x UEXT, JTAG, LCD, 2x 100MB Ethernet is available with Eagle CAD files, so everyone can modify and tailor to his needs.


  • Includes AM3352-SOM or AM3352-SOM-IND or AM3359-SOM-IND
  • The EVB part is the same between all variants, only the included SOM part is different
  • Matching connectors
  • 2 × 100MB Ethernet interface
  • VGA output with DA-15 connector
  • LCD video output on a 40 pin at 0.1" step connector (compatible with Olimex LCD displays)
  • CAN driver with a connector
  • 4 × USB host
  • 2 × UEXT connectors
  • JTAG debugging connector with TI layout - 20 pin @ 0.1" step
  • GPIO connector × 40 pin @  0.1" step
  • Extra DEBUG pins for easier serial debugging
  • Status LEDs
  • Power barrel jack, +6V to +16V DC
  • Dimensions of the SOM part: (2.4×1.5)'' ~ (61×38)mm
  • Dimensions of the EVB part: (3.94×3.54)" ~ (110×90)mm


  • Image links, instructions, demo software, customer projects and more might be found at the wiki page of AM3352-SOM: AM3352 wiki page


  • I can't get the Ethernet working. What is wrong with my board? 
  • The board AM3352-SOM-EVB has two Ethernet ports. LAN1 is configured with default static IP address of LAN2 is configured as DHCP.

    IMPORTANT: You need VLAN enabled to establish a proper connection to the board (as defined in IEEE 802.1Q). Make sure your hardware is compatible with IEEE 802.1Q. Make sure you have to enabled VLAN for the router/switch/bridge or the network card otherwise the Ethernet connection to the AM3352-SOM-EVB board will fail. You can find a lot guides online on how to enable VLAN (or VLAN tagging) for your specific hardware and operating system.