A13-SOM-WIFI - Open Source Hardware Board
A13-SOM-WIFI - Open Source Hardware Board A13-SOM-WIFI - Open Source Hardware Board
Olimex A13-SOM-WIFI WiFi shield for A13-SOM System on module

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  • A13-SOM-WIFI
  • A13-SOM-WIFI-4GB
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A13-SOM-WIFI is OSHW certified Open Source Hardware with UID BG000126

A13-SOM-WIFI is System on Chip module shield which add WIFI connectivity to A13-SOM-XXX. All A13 signals are available on 0.1" holes.

A13-SOM-WIFI is an Open Source Hardware shield reference design with Eagle CAD files - everyone can modify and tailor the original design.


  • BL-8188-8M WiFi wireless module with Realtek RTL8188CUS chip
  • 4GB Flash for A13-SOM-WIFI-4GB version
  • USB-OTG with mini USB connector
  • LCD_CON header, compatible with the 4.3" and 7" Olimex-made displays
  • Support for the peripherals in the official A13-SOM Debian and Android releases
  • Power management DCDC
  • GPIO on 0.1" step holes
  • Built-in PCB antenna
  • Dimensions: (2.4 x 1.3)" ~ (6.1 x 4.8)cm


  • I want to extend the peripheral capabilites of my A13-SOM-256 board. I stumbled upon A13-SOM-WIFI and it looks great. However, I wonder how does it get attached to my A13-SOM-256 board?
  • You can plug the A13-SOM-WIFI shield over A13-SOM-xxx directly. No cable is required.

    IMPORTANT: the connectors are very fragile - if you attempt to disconnect the setup by pulling the connectors in on go it might break! Furthermore - you might bend the board's pins! Use pliers or other suitable object to disconnect the connectors carefully.
  • I want to get both A13-SOM-512 board and a A13-SOM-WIFI. I am not convinced that a setup of those two boards has the proper support in the official Debian image. Can I assume that the hardware features of A13-SOM-WIFI are proplery supported by the software?
  • Yes. Such a setup of A13-SOM-XXX board and A13-SOM-WIFI is tested and supported in the official images.
  • I see that the board has a built-in PCB antenna. However, I want to extend the range of the module. How can I connect external antenna?
  • A standard connector for an external antenna is not provided by design. You would need to perform complex hardware modifications - cut the PCB antenna and then use the ANT signal line. Refer to the hardware design files.