A13-SOM-256 A13-SOM-256
Olimex A13-SOM-256 Linux System on module with Allwinner A13 Cortex-A8 ARM processor and 256 MB RAM
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A13-SOM-256 is System on Chip module with Allwinner A13 Cortex-A8 ARM processor running at 1Ghz, Power managment, 256MB DDR3 memory. All A13 signals are available on 4 connectors with 0.05" step. A13-SOM-256 have UART console connector and SD-card.

Olimex provides Debian and Ubuntu Linux images with mainline Linux Kernel 5.6. A13-SOM-256 is supported by OpenWRT project. Due to the limited amout of RAM memory it is not recommended for the Android 4.2 image.

A13-SOM-WIFI reference design snap-on shield for A13-SOM with LCD connector, optional 4GB NAND Flash, optional 8MB SPI Flash, WIFI RTL8188CU module, GPIO connectors is available with Eagle CAD files, so everyone can modify and tailor to his needs. Templates for A13-SOM-256 receptacle done in Eagle and KiCAD are available.


  • Allwinner A13 Cortex-A8 ARM @1Ghz
  • 256MB DDR3 memory
  • Power management DCDC
  • MicroSD card
  • UART console connector
  • 4 GPIO connectors 0.05" step
  • LCD RGB support
  • Audio In, Out
  • Status LEDs
  • RESET, UBOOT/HOME buttons
  • Dimensions: (2450 x 1300)mill ~ (62 x 33)mm


  • I am an inexperienced user and I'm afraid to mess up initially. What are the most common errors in the initial start-up of the board?
  • The best idea is to download the latest Debian image from the wiki and to pay attention if it is for microSD card or the NAND memory. After that ensure the image is properly written to the SD card or the NAND memory. Finally, if you are expecting video output problems, ensure the image is set with the proper settings for the display/monitor you are going to use. Double check if the power supply is sufficient (especially if powering a display from the board).
  • I can't find official Olimage release for the A13-SOM-256. There is such for A13-SOM-512. What am I missing?
  • A13-SOM-256 is not powerful enough to run Olimage properly. The board is suitable for older kernels only.
  • I can't find official Android release for the A13-SOM-256. There is such for A13-SOM-512. What am I missing?
  • A13-SOM-256 is not powerful enough to run Android properly. The board is suitable for Debian only.
  • What do I need to connect one of the Olimex-made displays to the board?
  • You can plug the A13-SOM-WIFI shield over A13-SOM-256. The shield has a standard 0.1'' step LCD connector. You would need a cable (named CABLE-IDC40-15cm). The hardware combination is supported in the default Debian release.

    IMPORTANT: the cable and the connectors are very fragile - if you attempt to disconnect the setup by pulling the cable it might break! Furthermore - you might bend the board's pins! Use pliers or other suitable object to disconnect the connectors carefully!
  • I bought an LCD but when I connect it to the A13-SOM-WIFI + A13-SOM-256 setup I receive no image on the display. What do I do wrong?
  • The default A13-SOM-256 Debian image is set for HDMI output and HD resolution. To use LCD or lower the resolution you would need to start the shell script in the default Debian image. More information might be found at the wiki article of the board.
  • What is the operating temperature range of A13-SOM-256?
  • The board works in the commercial temperature range 0+70C
  • How long this board will be available?
  • This board will be available forever