ESP32-CAM low cost WiFi CAM development board with OV2640 2 Mega Pixel Camera module

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  • ESP32-CAM
  • ESP32-CAM-2MB
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ESP32-CAM is a low cost development board with WiFi camera. It allows creating IP camera projects for video streaming with different resolutions. ESP32-CAM-MB allows to program the main board via micro USB.

ESP32-CAM has build in PCB antenna but the ESP32 module also has U.FL connector - this allows the connecttion of an external antenna. 

ESP32-CAM-2M is high quality version with 2MB PSRAM which allow more AI apps to run, also it have better quality 120 degree camera on it.


  • Product consists of three modules: ESP32-CAM + ESP32-CAM-MB + OV2640 2M pixel camera with connector
  • ESP32-CAM contains ESP-32S SoC with Wi-Fi and BLE connectivity
  • ESP32-CAM has micro SD card connector
  • ESP32-CAM-MB provides micro USB - serial communicationl (CH340) and reset and boot buttons
  • The ESP32 module contains u.FL connector for possible external antenna atachement


  • How do I connect the camera? It doesn't want to go into the connector.
  • You need to carefully pull the front darker part of the connector up, towards you. It will release the lock and allow to place the connector, then you push back the lock mechanism to keep it in place.
  • How to switch between internal PCB antenna and external antenna? 
  • You need to change the position of the resistor located to the right next the u.FL connector. This requires unsoldering and soldering it again in opposite position. By default its right side goes near the PCB antenna, it needs to go to the position near the u.FL connector. The left side of the resistor keeps the same pad.