AM3352-SOM AM3352-SOM
System on Chip module, with Sitara AM3352 Cortex-A8 processor
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AM3352-SOM is System on Chip module, which contains Sitara AM3352 Cortex-A8 processor, Power managment, 512MB DDR3 memory. All AM3352 signals are available on 4 connectors x 40 pin with 0.05" step. AM3352-SOM have UART console connector and SD-card.

Reference design for AM3352-EVB with 4x USB hosts, USB OTG, CAN driver, VGA, 2x UEXT, JTAG, LCD, 2x 100MB Ethernet is available with Eagle CAD files, so everyone can modify and tailor to his needs. Templates for AM3352-SOM receiptacle done in Eagle and KiCAD are available.


  • Texas Instruments AM3352 ZCZ Cortex-A8 processor running at 1000MHz
  • 512MB DDR3 memory
  • Power supply DCDC
  • MicroSD card connector for booting
  • UART header for stand-alone powering and 3.3V serial debug via cable
  • Power supply LED
  • Status LED
  • RESET button
  • 4 connectors × 40 pin @ 0.05" step
  • Dimensions of the SOM part: (2.4×1.5)'' ~ (61×38)mm


  • Image links, instructions, demo software, customer projects and more might be found at the wiki page of AM3352-SOM: AM3352 wiki page