ESP32-GATEWAY - Open Source Hardware Board
ESP32-GATEWAY - Open Source Hardware Board ESP32-GATEWAY - Open Source Hardware Board
ESP32-GATEWAY development board with WiFi BLE, Ethernet, micro SD card, and GPIO

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ESP32-GATEWAY is OSHW certified Open Source Hardware with UID BG000012

This is the ultimate IoT board with wired 100Mb Ethernet Interface, Bluetooth LE, and WiFi.

ESP32-GATEWAY and ESP32-GATEWAY-EA should be used in the commercial temperature range 0-70C
ESP32-GATEWAY-IND and ESP32-GATEWAY-EA-IND are functionally identical, but using components rated to work in the industrial temperature grade -40+85C


  • ESP32-WROOM32 module
  • MicroUSB connector
  • CH340 USB serial converter
  • Built-in programmer for Arduino and ESP-IDF
  • WiFi, BLE connectivity
  • Ethernet 100Mb interface
  • MicroSD card
  • GPIO 20 pin connector with all ESP32 ports
  • Dimensions: (50 x 62)mm ~ (1.95 x 2.45)"


  • I have ESP32-GATEWAY and it appears Ethernet is generating a lot of noise. How can I lower the noise?
  • In hardware revsions prior to revision H, this might be caused by bigger than needed driver strength set by the software on the Ethernet clock pin (GPIO17). Lower the drive strength of the digital output num 17 from the default value 20mA to 5mA. There are usually 4 levels of strength from 0 to 3.

    In Arduino this can be done with:
    gpio_set_drive_capability((gpio_num_t)GPIO_NUM_17, GPIO_DRIVE_CAP_0);

    and also you need to include at top:
    #include "driver/gpio.h"