Development board for STR912 ARM966 microcontroller with CAN, USB, RS232, Ethernet TFT LCD display
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  • MCU: STR912FW44X ARM966E-S 96Mhz, 512K+32K internal Flash, 96K internal RAM, external bus, 9 DMA channels, 10bit ADC, 10/100Mbit Ethernet MAC, 3x UARTS, USB 2.0, CAN,
  • 128x128 pixel 12 bit color TFT LCD with backlight
  • Joystick with four directions and push action, analogue trimmer potentiometer connected to ADC input
  • RS232 drivers and connectors
  • USB connectors
  • CAN driver and connector
  • SD/MMC card (on bottom of the board)
  • IrDA transciever on board (optional)
  • Audio Output
  • Audio Input
  • Speaker on board with volume control
  • UEXT connector with I2C, SPI, RS232 and power supply for connecting add-on modules like RF link, MP3, etc available from Olimex
  • JTAG interface (optional JTAG-TRACE connector)
  • ADC extension port
  • Extension ports for all unused microcontroller ports
  • External memory bus connector
  • Li-ion CR2032 battery connector for the RTC
  • Dimensions: 145x130 mm (5.7 x 5.1")