• What soldermask do you use for production?
  • We use green Liquid Photo Imagable (LPI) Soldermask for our PCB production.
  • Other manufacturers charge higher price for PCBs with soldermask, does soldermask increase your prices?
  • No, the soldermask is standard option for our prototypes, so all boards are produced with soldermask and this doesn't rise the price.
  • Will I get discount on my prototype if I ask you to make it without soldermask?
  • No, in matter of fact our PCB finish is immersion gold, which means if your board is manufactured without soldermask it will lead to solid gold deposit on your exposed copper area and your price will be MUCH higher than our standard panel price, if your design require absence of soldermask (RF parts, termal dessipation) please ask for special quote - we can't offer you our standard prices for PCBs without soldermask.
  • How many soldermasks are printed on the single sided PCBs?
  • We print one soldermask on the copper layer of your single sided boards. It may be on top or bottom depend on where is your copper layer.
  • Is it possible top and bottom soldermasks to be different, does this involve additional charge?
  • Yes, on the double sided boards we print two soldermasks on top and bottom copper layers and the soldermask may be different (SMT parts) and this doesn't involve additional charge.
  • What soldermask colors are available for my PCBs?
  • If your board is fast turnaround prototype we offer only one color - green. We can offer black, blue, red green, yellow and white soldermasks for production orders, please check on our PRICE web page for more details.