File Formats


  • I just learning how to use my CAD software. When I postprocess the board my CAD program generate many different files. Can I zip them all together and send them to you - I'm sure you will find all your necessary information for the manufacturing?
  • If this is your first order - No problem to help you to understand what and where your CAD software puts in your files. Anyway good starting point is to download some of the freeware Gerber viewers from Design tools web page and to evaluate yourself what is the generated file content.
  • In what file format to send my NC drill files? I have option to generate them as Gerber is it good?
  • NC drill files should be in Excellon or S&M format not in Gerber format.
  • I have options for different precission, which one to pick?
  • Please use 2.4 or 3.4 precission.
  • Can you manufacture my board from this: BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPG picture?
  • No, as these formats are not good for PCB manufacturing.
  • Can I send you my CAD files and you to postprocess them for me?
  • We accept Eagle, Target3001, kiCAD board files. For other CAD products please go to our technical page and read the file generation tutorials, this is no rocket science and easy job so everyone can handle them
  • I use Protel can you give me hints how to process my files?
  • Yes, one of our customers: Henrik J. Koch after submitting several times wrong gerbers and learning how and what to do correctly made excellent tutorial based on the his own experience :) so you now can benefit and use it without duplicating his mistakes.