Fast PCB prototyping frequently asked questions

Please read the FAQ very carefully. In this FAQ we did try to compile the most frequently questions which arise in the communication with our customers regarding the PCB production. If we missed something important you are always welcome to ask and we'll include it herehere. The technical support questions we got each day in 90% of the cases are already answered here below, so please before send your question check if the answer is not already here.


We offer low cost ROHS compliant PCB prototypes with Immersion gold surface finish.

We allow multiply boards to be put on same panel.

We will panelize many different PCB files on one panel for for additional fee, if you do the panelization yourself there will be no panelization fee..

We will de-panelize (cut to rectangles) your boards from the panel free of charge.

We don't charge setup, tooling, photoplots, etc you name it fees, our panel prices are all inclusive: PCB + soldermask + component print + tooling + setup + photoplots.

Our minimum order is 1 panel, we don't mislead our customers like our competitors who says: we offer PCB for $10/each or $33/each (but later on you find that this is for 3-10 pcs board order).

We do free Design Rule Check and notify you if we find that your design violate our technological requirements or have errors.

We produce and ship in 3-5 working days after we receive your order confirmation.

We can ASSEMBLY your prototypes with the components we carry on stock, and it only takes extra few days.