• How can I pay?
  • There are several ways you can pay, see below:

    Card payment: we accept Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, JCB. We can't charge Visa electron and Maestro cards, please do not send us payment forms with such cards

    Paypal: we accept payments by Paypal, due to the high Paypal service charges, payments by Paypal will be subject to additional 5% service charge if your order is below EUR 100.00;

    Western Union: we accept Western Union payments;

    Bank transfer: we accept bank transfer payments, due to the high cost of sending and accepting bank trasnfers all orders paid by bank transfer are subject to EUR 30.00 bank handling fee if your order is below EUR 1000.00;

    Cheques, bankers drafts: we accept cheques and banker drafts only if they are issued by Bulgarian banks

    Accounts/organization's purchase orders: We do offer Net30 credit terms to approved customers. We do not offer any other terms. To apply, email, note that to have approved account one of our conditions is your purchases to be minimum EUR 1000 per month and you should have been our customer for at least six months, if you do not meet these criterias please do not apply for Net30.

  • Is my card info sefe with Olimex?
  • We have strict company policy for the card info. The access to this info is restricted to only few Olimex employees in our accounting where the fax numbers written on the PO form are located. The database is not on file or online but kept on paper copy only (your PO form which is in our archive).
  • Can I pay by card if my request is sent from Anonymous e-mail account like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.?
  • Yes you can, but if you are first time customer we must verify you are legitimate cardholder and to be sure that this is not credit card fraud attempt. For this purpose when we receive your PO form we'll first charge small random value under EUR 1.00 to your card and will wait you to report back what is the value we charged. Once you are verified as legitimate cardholder you can continue ordering from anonymous account without future verification.
  • I want to pay in cash when receive the parcel, can you ship C.O.D. (cash on delivery)?
  • No, we can't ship C.O.D.
  • I'm not first time customer. I got PO form, should I send fax with my card info every time I order with card?
  • We must receive signed PO form with every order. If you already have ordered with us and your card info is not changed you can send your PO form by e-mail. In this case you must fill everything on the PO form and sign it but in card info field you must only fill previous PO#, card EXP date and card CVC code. Please have look at such filled PO form here