Fast PCB prototypes. Our mission is to provide our customers with quality fast turnaround prototypes at affordable prices. This service is running from 1999 and since May 2007 all our prototypes are produced ROHS compliant


Dear Customers,

We are sorry to inform you that the PCB prototype service is temporary suspended due to the lack of free capacity.

As you know we had long vacation in August and people was keep sending PCB prototypes even while we were on vacation, this created so huge backlog that we couldn't repond to all PCB jobs for more than a week after we resumed work.

On top of this our lines usually are loaded close to 100% with the production of our own development boards and having such additional big load start to mess with our production schedules and delay our development boards production and shipments which is unacceptable.

We are sorry for this situation and we expect this to improve in the next months, so we can re-enable this service at fist possibility, but effectively from September 17th the PCB prototype service is suspended.

All orders which are quoted and accepted before with PO forms will be shipped (some of them may be shipped with delay) but new orders will not be processed until we re-enable this service.



We do offer people to put many boards on same panel, and we did offer panelization service free of charge. This caused some side effect - beginners send us 10-12 board files to put on one small EUR 24 or EUR 30 panel, so we have to process 10-12 files, to arrange them on the panel run DRC check and see ... that they forgot to do this or that and their boards FAIL on DRC check, then we report, they make modifications and send again ..10-12 new files again to process and put to the panel, sometimes they send the files 2-3 times until they learn what and how to do, sometimes we remember beginners who sent us their files 7-8 times and still didn't learn how to generate or do DRC check...this cause HUGE waste of our time, so we can't respond on time to the other customers which send clean error free projects. To stop this madness effectively from 15.03.2012 we have to introduce two new charges:

1. FILE panelization charge: EUR 5.00 per each next file after the first one

This charge will apply ONLY if you want us to panelize your files. If you make your board on panel and send us panel there will be no panelization charge. If you send us one file and we just step and repeat there also will be no panelization charge. This charge will apply when you request us to process and place on the panel more than one file.

2. DRC fail charge EUR 5.00

This charge will apply only if your PCB files you sent are not check and show errors.


  1. check if your drill sizes are no less 0.6 mm
  2. check if your pads/vias are 0.4 mm bigger than your drill holes, note that we work in METRIC and round to 0.1 mm the drill sizes, so sending design with 1.27 mm pad and 0.86 mm drill may pass your DRC check but we have to round the drill to 0.9 mm and this will cause DRC violation
  3. make sure you have no tracks less 0.2 mm and spaces less than 0.2 mm in your design

Eagle users can use the 8mils DRU from our web to check their boards.

Note that DRC fail charge will be applied per file submission, i.e. if you submit your files 2 times and they fail you will be charged DRC fail 2 times.


We accept board file from: Eagle, Target3001 and KiCAD

Our mission is to provide our customers with quality fast turnaround prototypes at affordable prices. This service is running from 1999 and since May 2007 all our prototypes are produced on ROHS compliant Immersion Gold Process which is the only perfect finish for fine pitch SMD components with perfectly even surface and excellent solderability. Immersion gold outperform all other ROHS alternatives as SN100C (SnCuNi) HAL or immersion Tin - uneven coating for the HAL and wetting problems and whiskering at low temperature for both finishes. If your ROHS compliant design need reliability the only solution is gold finish.


We allow multiply different boards fo be panelized on same panel! This is the feature our customers most appreciate.

All other manufacturers would charge you ridiculous setup charges for every of your design or will not allow you to put different boards on same panel.

Why? Because they want to charge you more for the same work they do. They would panelize all customer's designs anyway to run them on their line but they just want to get more money from you.

We are fair to our customers - they pay for their panel area and we allow them to put as many boards on their panel as they need.

And of course we later on separate the different boards from the panel free of charge.


turnaround time 3-5 working days for prototypes with solder mask and component print


While most other PCB manufacturers will do plot & go or charge you higher price for "verified" production. We do Design-Rule-Check on all incoming boards before we run production.
If your board doesn't comply to our DRC or you did something silly we notify you not running boards with problems.


No hidden fees - you can calculate what your board will cost by yourself
No setup fees - we don't charge for setup on top of board cost
Soldermask and component print are standard option we don't charge extra for them as other PCB manufacturers do
Multiply boards on same panel - we allow you to place many boards on same panel
Free de-panelization we'll cut-to-border your boards from the panel