Bootable micro SD card with Debian Linux image
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Please note: this SD card image is suitable only for A13-OLINUXINO-MICRO and doesn't work with A13-OLINUXINO nor with A13-OLINUXINO-WIFI


  • Class 10 micro SD card
  • 8GB of memory storage
  • Tested
  • Contains the latest (by the time of leaving the Olimex facilities) official Olimex Debian image compatible only with A13-OLinuXino-MICRO
  • Can be used as a general-purpose micro SD card


  • I bought A13-LCDxx and the SD card that has a Linux image written on it. However the resolution I see on my VGA/LCD is not correct. What am I missing?
  • You would need to change the configuration file in the main partition of the SD card. Detailed information and download locations for the script files might be found at the wiki: A13-OLINUXINO-MICRO wiki article