LPC-E2468 LPC-E2468 LPC-E2468
uC Linux development prototype board with LPC2468 USB,ETHERNET, SD/MMC in credit card format
Price64.95 EUR
10 - 49 pcs58.46 EUR
50 - 10000 pcs51.96 EUR
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  • MCU: LPC2468
  • 16MB SDRAM
  • 128 MB NAN Flash
  • standard JTAG connector with ARM 2x10 pin layout for programming/debugging with ARM-JTAG
  • Ethernet 100MBit
  • 2x USB hosts
  • USB-to-RS232 converter device connected to LPC2468 UART
  • SD/MMC card connector
  • UEXT connector with I2C, SPI, RS232 and power supply for connecting add-on modules like RF link, MP3, etc available from Olimex
  • trimpot connected to ADC
  • RESET circuit with external control of Philips ISP utility via RS232 port
  • two USER button
  • RESET Button
  • two on board voltage regulators 3V and 5V with up to 800mA current
  • Extension port connector for many of microcontrollers pins
  • single power supply: External power supply, USB or JTAG connector
  • Battery holder and connector for the RTC
  • power supply led
  • FR-4, 1.5 mm, red soldermask, component print
  • Dimensions: 90x60mm (3.54 x 2.36")




The board price does not contain uclinux related support. The uclunux supplied with this board is working out of the box, there are also release notes which guide you how to build the uclinux image, but we can't offer you linux related support or to hand-held guide you how to build your own kernel image or how to develop your own applications under uclinux. The uclinux image and CD is provided "as is" and it is a demo software not a commercial product which Olimex supports, if you need linux related support, please contact a linux consultant.