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Binary Watch soldering kit with SMT components

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Price3.95 EUR
10 - 49 pcs3.75 EUR
50 - 10000 pcs3.56 EUR
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Binary-Watch is OSHW certified Open Source Hardware with UID BG000066

Impress your friends with this geek watch.
Binary-Watch shows Hours, Minutes, Day, and Month in binary format.
Binary-Watch-SK contains: Binary-Watch Kit, plus a metal stencil, plus rubber squeegee, plus solder paste jar of 50 grams (good to solder 20-30 kits).
Important! This is not an assembled product!


  • PCB FR4 red color
  • PIC16 with software already loaded
  • Wrist band
  • All components
  • ICSP pins exposed for re-programming
  • Does not include CR2032 battery!
  • (-SK variant contains solder paste and stencil)