OLIMEXINO-85-KIT - Open Source Hardware Board
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OLIMEXINO-85  is OSHW certified Open Source Hardware with UID BG000026

The board comes in the form of a DIY kit - if you like soldering this is the OLIMEXINO-85 package suitable for you! OLIMEXINO-85 is a very tiny - (32x20)mm - Arduino-inspired board. It is built around the well-known Little wire design. The same design is also used for the Digispark and Adafruit’s Trinket. The microcontroller comes preprogrammed with "micronucleus tiny85" that is suitable for use with the Digispark's Arduino distribution.


  • DIY design - all compontents carefully picked for home soldering
  • ATtiny85-PU microcontroller with pre-loaded "micronucleus tiny85" bootloader
  • Tested and working with properly configured Arduino IDE
  • Breadbord compatible via the header
  • Two LEDs - user-programmable and power status
  • Reset button
  • Easy-to-replace components in case of fault
  • Easy-to-solder USB type B connector 
  • Open-hardware board, board schematics and layout available for Eagle
  • Open-software board, thanks to the Micronucleus project and the Digispark efforts
  • Dimensions - (1.275 x 0.800)'' ~ (32 x 20)mm


  • I browsed through the pictures available on the OLIMEXINO-85 web-page and it turns out my kit features mini USB-OTG connector instead of USB type B connector. Why is it so?
  • In the first batches of these kits we used to mount the mini USB on the board for better cable compatibility. However, we quickly realized that it might be hard for a lot of people to do the proper soldering of the mini USB so we decided to place the much bigger and easier to solder type B connector. The behavior of the board is the same no matter what connector the board has. However, it is easier to assemble a kit with the bigger connector.