A20-SOM204-EVB A20-SOM204-EVB
SODIMM 204 pin Evaluation board with A20-SOM204-1Gs16Me16G-MC
Price75.00 EUR
10 - 49 pcs67.50 EUR
50 - 10000 pcs60.00 EUR
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A20-SOM204-EVB is OSHW certified Open Source Hardware with UID BG000131

A20-SOM204-EVB is an evaluation platform for A20-SOM204 board. Comes with A20-SOM204-1G-s16Me16G-MC on-board.

The Eagle CAD design files are available, so one can modify and tailor the hardware, according to the specific need. Templates for A20-SOM204 receiptacle are available for both Eagle and KiCAD.


  • Includes A20-SOM204-1Gs16Me16G-MC module
  • Gigabit Ethernet connector
  • Megabit Ethernet connector
  • PCIe connector
  • LiPo battery connector
  • SATA connector and power supply connector
  • CAN driver and connector
  • VGA connector
  • HDMI connector
  • USB3.0 connector
  • USB-OTG connector
  • micro SD card connector
  • Audio Microphone/Line-in connector
  • Audio Headphone/Line-out connector
  • CSI camera interface + 2Mpix camera
  • WiFi/BLE module 
  • IR LED and receiver
  • GPIO connector
  • UEXT1 and UEXT2 connectors
  • Debug UART connector
  • RTC 3V Lithium backup battery
  • Power jack +5V for external power supply


  • SOM204-EVB user manual (under construction)