Bootable micro SD card with Debian Linux image
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Please note: this SD card image is suitable only for A13-OLINUXINO and A13-OLINUXINO-WIFI and doesn't work with A13-OLINUXINO-MICRO


  • Class 10 speed micro SD card
  • 16GB of memory storage
  • Tested
  • Contains the latest (by the time of leaving the Olimex facilities) official Olimage image
  • Can be used as a general-purpose micro SD card


  • I got this SD card with the Linux image written on it. However, the resolution I see on my VGA monitor or LCD is not correct. What am I missing?
  • You might need to run video configuration script for proper video output. Type "olinuxino-overlay" without the quotes to start the configuration script. Refer to "Olimage-guide.pdf" for alternative ways to access the board.