ZIGBEE PIR motion detector PIR wireless sensor with MRF24J40 and PIC18F26K20
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50 - 10000 pcs15.16 EUR
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  • MRF24J40 + PIC18F26K20 with open source MiWi and Zigbee stack
  • PIR sensor motion detector, sends wireless alarm to Zigbee nodes when motion is detected
  • RF Transceiver – MRF24J40 IEEE 802.15.4™ Standard compliant 2.4 GHz RF transceiver
  • UEXT connector to all boards with UEXT
  • Mini ICSP connector
  • On-board antenna
  • On-board temperature sensor – TCN75A
  • Option for external power supply through EXT_PWR
  • EXT/BAT switch
  • Reset circuit
  • Two user buttons
  • Two status LEDs
  • RST button
  • AA battery holder
  • PCB: FR-4, 1.00 mm (0,039"), solder mask, silkscreen component print
  • Dimensions: 70x20 mm (2.76x0.80")



  • The MOD-ZIGBEE-PIR I received lacks 4 pins at the UEXT connector. Did you send me a faulty device?
  • Your MOD-ZIGBEE-PIR is fine. In later revisions pins 7, 8, 9, and 10 of the UEXT connector were removed on purpose to avoid confusion and to lower the chances of possible hardware incompatibilities.
  • I receive funny characters on the terminal using MOD-ZIGBEE. What should I do?
  • Set the terminal baud to 19200
  • What is the difference between MOD-ZIGBEE, MOD-ZIGBEE-UEXT and MOD-ZIGBEE-PIR
  • MOD-ZIGBEE is the base ZIGBEE module; the MOD-ZIGBEE-UEXT has UEXT which allows easier connection to Olimex host boards; the MOD-ZIGBEE-PIR has UEXT and also a PIR (passive infra red) sensor