Rocket-shaped BSL programmer suitable for MSP430 microcontrollers
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10 - 49 pcs8.96 EUR
50 - 10000 pcs7.96 EUR
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MSP430-BSL is a joint project between Olimex LTD and Texas Instruments aiming to provide an affordable programmer for MSP430 boards that have embedded Bootstrap loader. The main features of the product are the tiny size and the low price.

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS PROJECT - a collaboration between Olimex LTD and Texas Instruments - the hardware is made by Olimex and TI maintains the firmware


  • Ready-to-work with MSP430 microcontrollers with BSL interface
  • Uses TI standard 2x5 pin BSL connector
  • Mini USB compatible with widely used cables from customer devices
  • Can supply target with 150mA at 3.3V
  • All free processor pins are available at two rows of pads for custom firmware
  • Two LEDs, available as GPIOs
  • Two buttons, for easier reset and bootloader mode, not available as GPIOs
  • Open hardware board, board schematic and layout available for Eagle
  • Dimensions - (3.00 x 1.30)'' ~ (77.50 x 33.00)mm


  • What connector is supposed to be mounted on my target board?
  • Standard 10-pin BSL male connector (0.1" = 2.54mm step)
  • Is the rocket board supplying my target by default?
  • Yes. You need to change the state of the PWR_E jumper to disable powering from MSP430-BSL