PIC32-RETROBSD - Open Source Hardware Board
PIC32-RETROBSD is a small Open Source Hardware board with PIC32MX795F512H which is capable to run RetroBSD Unix-like system
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10 - 49 pcs22.46 EUR
50 - 10000 pcs19.96 EUR
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PIC32-RETROBSD is a PIC32-PINGUINO-MICRO board with a bigger processor in it - a PIC32MX795F512H. Comes preloaded with a bootloader and RetroBSD kernel.


  • PIC32MX795F512H, 80 Mhz microcontroller, 512KB Flash, 128KB RAM
  • Comes loaded with a bootloader and RetroBSD kernel
  • You can use own microSD card for the file system
  • UEXT connector which allows many existing modules like RF, ZIGBEE, GSM, GPS to be connected
  • Two LEDs
  • One BUTTON
  • RESET button
  • Mini USB connector
  • All PIC ports available on 0.1" connectors
  • Dimensions: (55 x 33)mm ~ (2.2 x 1.3)"
  • miniICSP connector 0.05" step. If you do not want to use RetroBSD and you want to program this board with a PIC-KIT3, you should use also a PIC-ICSP converter board, the same applies for Microchip programmers.



  • What else do I need to boot the RetroBSD?
  • You need to load the file system to a microSD card. The filesystem should be downloaded from RetroBSD's web-site. At our GitHub you can find older versions in case you need them.

    Note that we sell a microSD card separately with the image from our GitHub. You can find it in the "Related Products" section below.