8 pcs - addressable, water proof, sealed with resin RGB stripe
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10 - 49 pcs5.04 EUR
50 - 10000 pcs4.48 EUR
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Addressable, sealed with resin RGB stripe with 3 cm between the LEDs. Every of the LEDs can be addressed individually with 24 bit color. Works with power supply from 5 to 12V, single pin for control, stripes can connect together to extend the length.  Arduino, Pinguino, MPIDE code is available for control.


  • Dedicated TM1804 driver for each LED
  • Ability to control the color and brightness of each LED independently
  • 24-bit color control (8-bit PWM per channel); 16.8 million colors per pixel
  • 3M adhesive back side
  • 12 mm wide, 2.6 mm thick


The wires provided to the stripe are as follows:

  • red wire - VCC, 5-12V
  • green wire - GND
  • white wire - data input

The maximum current consumption at 5V would be around 6mA per color, e.g. 20mA per segment.

The maximum consumption at 12V for each segment would be around 60mA (20mA per color).