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Plastic frame with four clamps which allows the 7 inch dsiplays (with our without touchscreen) to be attached to a flat surface. It consists of a plastic frame, four clamps (which could be placed on any place on the edge of the frame) and four screws (that attach the clamps to the frame).

Supported OLIMEX LCD displays: LCD-OLinuXino-7, LCD-OLinuXino-7TS, A13-LCD7, A13-LCD7-TS


  • The display doesn't fit perfectly in the frame. There is a gap. How to align everything?
  • This is normal. The gap is visible in the second picutre above. The main idea for the gap is to leave free space for the flat cable of the touch screen - this cable shouldn’t be firmly pressed to any edge – else it might either break or fail to operate properly. Also the framekit is meant for simple help during research and development. The idea of the product never was to encapsulate the display perfectly or to look incredibly aesthetic.