USB to serial cable (female)
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Completely assembled and tested USB serial cable with female connectors. Suitable for OLinuXino and SOM boards among others.


  • USB to serial cable with 1.2 meter length
  • up to 1Mbps speed
  • Three wires for breadboard connection
  • SERIAL output 3.3V voltage levels
  • Uses PL2303XA compatible chipset


  • How do I connect the cable to the RX and TX signals of my target board?
  • The RX line of the cable (GREEN wire) should go to TX line of the target board; the TX line of the cable (RED wire) should go to the RX line of the target board. The BLUE wire should go to the target's GND line.
  • What are the serial port settings?
  • After you install the drivers the default terminal settings for the port associated with USB-SERIAL-CABLE-F are: 115200 baud, 8-N-1
  • Can I use the cable with Windows 10?
  • Yes, you can. USB-SERIAL-CABLE-F works with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, MacOS, etc.
  • I have some problems using the cable under both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. How can I get the cable working under Windows 10?
  • There are lot of tutorials and videos available online on how to get it working. Search for the following string: pl2303 windows 10