LPC-H2888 LPC-H2888
Low cost compact LPC2888 ARM7 microcontroller header development prototype board

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  • MCU: LPC2888 16/32 bit ARM7TDMI-S™ with 1MBytes Program Flash, 64K Bytes RAM, DMA, SD/MMC controller, I2C, I2S, DC/DC convertor 0.9-1.8V allows single 1.5V cell operation, 2 32bit TIMERS, LCD controller, 10 bit general purpose ADC, stereo 16 bit ADC and DACs
  • Perfect for portable players, controllers as need only one 1.5V cell to operate
  • High Speed 480Mbps USB connector
  • SDRAM 32MBytes
  • External Flash 2MBytes
  • ARM JTAG 2x10 pin connector
  • RESET circuit , RESET button
  • status LED
  • 12 Mhz crystal
  • 120 pin 0.1" extension headers for all microcontroller ports
  • PCB: FR-4, 1.5 mm (0,062"), green soldermask, white silkscreen component print
  • Dimensions: 55 x 55mm (2.16 x 2.16")