SAM9-L9261 SAM9-L9261 SAM9-L9261 SAM9-L9261
Development board for AT91SAM9261 microcontroller
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SAM9-L9261 is a development platform with ARM9 microcontroller, TFT LCD 3.5" 320x240 pixels with TOUCHSCREEN, 64MB SDRAM and 512MB NAND Flash. The board has an Ethernet 100Mbit controller, a USB host, a USB device, RS232 and a 40 pin extension port with all unused SAM9261 ports available for add-on boards. SAM9-L9261 have waste amount of Flash and RAM and runs Linux, WindowsCE and other RTOS natively. RTC clock is backup with 3V Li battery.


  • MCU: AT91SAM9261 16/32 bit ARM9™ 180MHz operation
  • Standard JTAG connector with ARM 2x10 pin layout for programming/debugging with ARM-JTAG
  • TFT LCD 3.5" 320x240 pixels with TOUCH SCREEN supported by Windows CE 6.0
  • 64 MB SDRAM
  • 512MB NAND Flash (seen in Linux as silicon drive)
  • Ethernet 100Mbit connector
  • USB host and USB device connectors
  • RS232 interface and drivers
  • SD/MMC card connector
  • One user button and one reset button
  • One power and two status LEDs
  • On board voltage regulator 3.3V with up to 800mA current
  • Single power supply: 5V DC required
  • Power supply filtering capacitor
  • 18.432 Mhz crystal
  • Extension header
  • PCB: FR-4, 1.5 mm (0,062"), soldermask, silkscreen component print
  • Dimensions: 100 x 80 mm (3.94 x 3.15")