Full speed USB isolator 1000VDC for protecting your PC or laptop while connecting USB devices wired to high voltages CE certified
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USB-ISO is a USB Full speed USB 2.0 compliant port isolator with a 1000V isolation voltage. This device is very useful as protects your PC computer USB host from overvoltages, ESD shock, and it provides a 1000VDC isolation. This way you can connect to your PC programmers and debuggers which work directly with targets at high voltages like 220V mains power supply etc. Even if your target is not connected to a high voltage, USB-ISO gives additional protection to your valuable computer, laptop etc. equipment.


  • USB isolation 1000VDC between USB host and USB device
  • Uses ADUM4160
  • Requires USB device that support USB 1.1 Full Speed mode (data rate up to 12 Mbps).
  • Fits USB Audio Class 1 standard (the maximum throughput is 12 Mbps and 24 bits / 96 KHz.)
  • Bidirectional communication
  • Short-circuit protection for xD+ and xD- lines
  • Class 3A contact ESD performance per ANSI/ESD STM5.1-2007
  • High common-mode transient immunity: >25 kV/µs
  • USB_DEVICE connector- which is USB-B type and have to be connected to the PC USB host.
  • USB_HOST connector which is USB-A type and have to be connected to the USB device like USB equipment, audio equippment, development board, programmer, debugger etc
  • DC-DC converter supplies isolated voltage to the USB_HOST from the USB_DEVICE if no external power supply is present
  • Power jack for external power supply +8-15VDC, note the data lines are alway isolated but the power supply lines from the external power supply are not isolated from the USB_HOST connector (the personal computer is always protected; the power supply and the device connected to the USB_HOST might influnce each other in case of fault)
  • Dimensions (41.5 x 36.5) mm ~ (1.63 x 1.44)"


  • Sealed device with three connectors for connecting with USB-HOST, USB-DEVICE and an optional one for additional power supply


  • No necessary, USB protocol is supported by hardware


  • Do I need to apply external power supply?
  • It depends. Typically, USB-ISO works without the need of an external power supply. However, some laptops and other USB host devices do not provide enough power for your USB devices. In such cases it would necessary to apply an external power supply too - however you should notice that the grounds between the external power supply and the USB_HOST connector are NOT galvanically isolated!
  • My device is not recognized when I connect it via USB-ISO. Can you send me the drivers?
  • USB-ISO does not require drivers. If your device is properly recognized by the personal computer without USB-ISO but unrecognized when using USB-ISO then either your device does not support Full Speed USB (12 Mbps) or your target requires more power. Note that USB-ISO can NOT work with devices that require only High Speed USB (480 Mbps) or only Low Speed USB (1.5 Mbps)!
  • Can I use USB-ISO for removing the ground loops between my computer and my Audio HIFI equipment?
  • Yes, USB-ISO isolates the grounds and according to some Audiophile customers of ours there is a significant improvement in their USB DAC sound after using the USB-ISO as an isolation for the ground loops between their computers and audio equipment.