Bike-TSL-Kit - Open Source Hardware Board
Audi style Turn Signal Lights for bike including switches and cables

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Bike-TSL-Kit is OSHW certified Open Source Hardware with UID BG000057
Bike-TSL-Kit is bulk component kit for assembly. Note that to assembly it you need soldering knowledge, soldering iron, twizzers, cutters. If you have not soldered before we recommend you to buy the assembled version Bike-TSL-Kit-ASM which comes completely assembled and tested.

NOTE: The battery AA 1.5V is not included in the kit and assembled version and need to be purchased separately.

Here is how it works when assembled:


  • Audi style turn signal lights for Bikes
  • need single 1.5V AA type battery to operate
  • LEDs default are RED, but can be also WHITE, BLUE, GREEN and you have to specify in the NOTES field of the order if you need other color
  • size 200x18 mm
  • length of the cables 1.5 meters