Parallel port PIC 8/18/28/40 pin devices programmer
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  • PIC-PG3 is programmer based on D.Tait's parallel port design. To operate it needs external power supply 12-15VAC or 16-18VDC. It supports all 8/18/28 and 40 pin PIC microcontrollers which allow serial programming. PIC-PG3 have connector and cable for ICSP programming and can be used to program all PIC-PxxB prototype boards.
  • The supported devices depend on the current version of ICPROG software.
  • There is also LINUX support for this programmer
  • Dimensions 75x58 mm (3x2.3") + 30 cm (12") ICSP cable



  • ICPROG from Bonny Gijzen freeware for programming many PICs, sometimes it doesn't work on some computers read here why.
  • PICPgm freeware PIC programming software by Christian Stadler supports many PICs and is officially supporting our PIC-PG1/2 and PIC-PG3
  • PICALLW - SHAREWARE software by Bojan Dobaj
  • FREE software by Nigel Goodwin


  • My computer has no LPT port. Can I use a LPT to RS232 converter with PIC-PG3?
  • No, the USB to LPT converters add delay due to the USB nature and this will mess up the programming timings. If you want a USB programmer consider the PIC-KIT3.