Serial port programmer for 8/18/28/40 pin PIC microcontrollers and I2C EEPROMS + ICSP connector and cable
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50 - 10000 pcs7.96 EUR
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  • PIC-PG1 is programmer based on JDM design which takes all necessary signals and power supply from RS232 serial port. It uses 6 pin 0.1" step ICSP connector to connect to target board with the PIC microcontroller.
  • The supported devices depend on the current version of ICPROG software.
  • Dimensions 50x30 mm (1.95x1.2") + 30 cm (12") cable



  • ICPROG from Bonny Gijzen freeware for programming many PICs, sometimes it doesn't work on some computers read here why.
  • PICPgm freeware PIC programming software by Christian Stadler supports many PICs and is officially supporting our PIC-PG1/2 and PIC-PG3
  • WinPIC - Great new software by Wolfgang "Wolf" Bnscher. Supports all the popular flash PICs, as well as many of the newly released PICs! Use this software for support for the 16F628A, 16F87, and 16F88.
  • WinPIC in Japanese version
  • Programming PIC in Linux


  • My computer has no RS232. Can I use USB to RS232 converter with PIC-PG1?
  • No, the USB to RS232 converters add delay due to USB nature and this will mess up the programming timings. If you want USB programmer consider PIC-KIT3.