PIC USB starterkit prototype board for PIC18F4550 microcontroller with USB
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This is a starterkit which allows you to explore all the capabilities of the PIC18F4550 and Microchip's USB firmware. The software examples include: a USB HID mouse which allows you to move the mouse cursor with the four buttons on the board, a USB Mass storage device on a SD-MMC card simple adds a USB disk to your computer, a USB to RS232 converter - all the firmware is under your control and ready to be customized and embedded in your next application. The debugging is In-Circuit through an ICSP connector, the free available ports are available on the EXTension connector.


  • ICSP/ICD connector for programming with PIC-MCP, PIC-MCP-USB, PIC-PG1,PIC-PG2, PIC-PG3 or PIC-PG4 and programming and debuggine with PIC-ICD2, PIC-ICD2-POCKET, PIC-ICD2-TINY
  • USB 2.0 type B connector allow board to be interfaced to PC host.
  • RS232 connector
  • SD-MMC connector
  • Audio In, Audio Out connectors
  • Status LEDs
  • Trimmer potentiometer
  • Four buttons
  • PIC18F4550-I/P on DIL40 socket
  • Quartz crystal 20Mhz
  • Reset button
  • Power plug-in jack with diode bridge can be powered with AC or DC power supply
  • 5V voltage regulator
  • Extension slot for the not connected ports
  • Four mounting holes 3,3 mm (0,13")
  • FR-4, 1.5 mm (0,062"), green soldermask, white silkscreen component print
  • Dimensions 104x76 mm (4,1x3")



Note that all examples require MPLAB 8.xx and MPLAB C18 v3.xx compiler

  • USB bootloader (C source and HEX)
  • HID Mouse demo (C source and HEX)
  • Mass Storage device (C source and HEX)
  • USB RS232 converter (C source and HEX)
  • PIC-USB-STK demo code (C source and HEX)
  • PIC-USB-STK audio (pitch shift) demo provided by Alexander Boltik LINK (for more info refer to the readme.txt in the package)