Web server TCP-IP development board with PIC18F97J60 pic microcontroller
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This board allows you to easily develop an application with Ethernet connectivity. It has everything you would normally need for such a purpose: power relays which you can command through web interface. An LCD display which will display the messages you fill in web forms, analogue inputs for connecting to sensors, digital optoisolated inputs, trimmer potentiometer, temperature sensor, Ethernet connector. With this board you can easily automate your home and then control and monitor it from any point in the world via Internet. The extension connector is available so you can connect your custom made hardware hassle free. The PIC18F97J60 has 128KB Flash programming memory and there is also an external 1Mbit (128KB) flash memory for data storage. The on-board DC/DC converter makes this board very tolerant to the external power supply which could be in 9-25V DC or 7-18V AC range, the bridge rectifier on the input allows both AC and DC adapters usage and makes power supply polarity problems go away.


  • PIC18F97J60 microcontroller with embedded Ethernet MAC and PHY and 128KB Flash programming space
  • 1Mbit on board serial flash for web pages storage
  • ICSP/ICD connector for programming and debugging with PIC-ICD2 and PIC-ICD2-POCKET.
  • Temperature sensor
  • Trimmer potentiometer connected to analogue input
  • Two relays 10A/250VAC
  • Four optoisolated digital inputs
  • Twelve analogue inputs on terminal block
  • Two buttons
  • LCD16x2 with backlight
  • RS232 interface
  • Ethernet interface
  • Complete web server and TCP-IP stack support as per Microchip's open source TCP-IP stack
  • Terminal block for power supply works with 9-25 VDC power supply
  • Extension header to connect to other boards
  • Dimensions 120x108 mm (4.72x4.25")



  • Example based on Microchip's stack v5.42 refer to the Olimex License Agreement.pdf and Read Me.txt inside
  • Microchip-5.31 stack free Microchip's TCP-IP stack tuned for PIC-MAXI-WEB with DHCP disabled and IP set to, all boards are shipped with pre-loaded TCP-IP stack
  • Production test binaries in zip format (the initial program the board was programmed with)
  • There is a known issue with C18 V3.37.01 & TCIP/IP V5.31 (or TCIP/IP V5.00). The fastest workaround is to use the previous C18 (v3.34) until the next C18 version is released. Another work around is to use this p18f97j60.h