SHIELD-MIDI - Open Source Hardware Board
SHIELD-MIDI - Open Source Hardware Board SHIELD-MIDI - Open Source Hardware Board SHIELD-MIDI - Open Source Hardware Board
Open Source Hardware MIDI shield for DUINOMITE, PINGUINO, MAPLE, ARDUINO like development boards
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50 - 10000 pcs11.96 EUR
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This is a MIDI shield which allows Arduino like boards to receive and send MIDI messages. The shield allows direct wiring of up to 5 piezzo sensors and a keyboard (with buttons and serial resistors) making it ideal for drums projects. The project is based on the open hardware design: source web site


  • MIDI-IN, MIDI-OUT and MIDI-THRU connectors
  • 5 Piezzo sensors for drum implementation
  • Keyboard for piano implementation
  • Works with both 3.3V and 5V Arduino-like boards


  • My Arduino board usually programs fine. However, when I attach this SHIELD-MIDI to my board, it doesn't want to program anymore. If I remove the shield - again the board programs fine. What is the reason for this behavior?
  • This happens when the board uses D0 and D1 pins for USB communicaiton, snice SHIELD-MIDI also sues D0 and D1. In this scenario, SHIELD-MIDI would block the USB communication between the board and the computer. This multiplexing is usually a problem only during programming (when the D0 and D1 pins are required). We have provided a hardware workaround, so that you won’t have to disconnect the whole shield from the main board each time when you have to upload new code. Locate and remove the RXD_E jumper, then program the main board. After the programming is complete put back (close) the RXD_E jumper. Each time you program the board you’d need to remove RXD_E jumper.