USB to serial cable (male)
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Completely assembled and tested USB serial cable with male connectors.


  • USB to serial cable with 1.2 meter length
  • up to 1 Mbps speed
  • Three wires for Breadboard connection
  • SERIAL output 3.3V voltage levels
  • Uses PL2303XA compatible chipset


  • How do I connect the cable to the RX and TX signals of my target board?
  • The RX line of the cable (GREEN wire) should go to TX line of the target board; the TX line of the cable (RED wire) should go to the RX line of the target board. The BLUE wire should go to the target's GND line.
  • What are the serial port settings?
  • After you install the drivers the default terminal settings for the port associated with USB-SERIAL-CABLE-M are: 115200 baud, 8-N-1
  • Can I use the cable with Windows 10?
  • Yes, you can. USB-SERIAL-CABLE-M works with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, MacOS, etc.
  • I use Windows and in "Windows Device Manager" I get message "THIS IS NOT PROLIFIC PL2303. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SUPPLIER." How can I get it working?
  • Install older drivers and set the USB-SERIAL-CABLE-F device to the older drivers. There is a lot of info about this online just search for "this is not prolific pl2303 please contact your supplier". After driver installation right-click the entry then select “Update Driver Software...”. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”. Select the bottom option “Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer”. Select the driver with the oldest date. After associating the tool with the older driver the message would disappear and customer would see COM port.
  • I have some problems using the cable under both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. How can I get the cable working under Windows 10?
  • There are lot of tutorials and videos available online on how to get it working. Search for the following string: pl2303 windows 10