Parallel port AVR programmer (Pony Prog, AVR Dude) with STK200 compatible ICSP connector
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AVR-PG2 is simple and inexpensive programmer for AVR. It connects to a PC parallel port and is supported by two great free software: Pony Prog and the open source AVR Dude. You can check on these two links for the complete list of supported devices as they are constantly updated.


  • Connects to a PC via parallel (printer) port (note that it will not work with a USB to parallel port converter!)
  • AVR-PG2B is compatible with STK200 parallel port dongle programmers.
  • No need for external power supply as it takes the power supply from target board.
  • Uses Atmel's 2x5 pin ICSP connector layout
  • Dimensions 50x30 mm (2x1.3") + 20 cm (8") cable


  • AVR Dude - great open source project supports almost every AVR on earth ;)
  • PonyProg - great free software made by Claudio Lanconelli
  • YAP - yet another AVR programmer? yes!