MOD-WIFI-AR9271(-ANT) is USB WiFi adapter which is with Open Source Linux driver and Linux Kernel build in support since Kernel 2.6.35

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  • MOD-WIFI-AR9271
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AR9271 chipset uses free software drivers and firmware. Both the driver and the firmware of this adapter are free under the GNU GPL v2 and the 3-clause BSD licenses, respectively, and thus you can use it with a completely free GNU/Linux distribution, which has the kernel Linux-libre, clean of the nonfree blobs from Linux. The adapter works out of the box when plugging it on USB, and you don't have to manually install the firmware or drivers.


  • AR9271 chipset
  • WPS buttom
  • USB 2.0
  • 2.4GHz
  • 150Mbps
  • MIMO configuration: 1x1 (1 txchain; 2 RX RF chains; 1 rx stream)
  • IEEE 802.11 PHY Modes: b,g,n
  • External antenna with excellent reception (for -ANT version)
  • USB dongle size: 80x25x10 mm
  • Antenna size: 200 mm (for -ANT version)


  • Built-in Linux kernel support:
  • Linux kernel module: ath9k_htc
  • Firmware: Open Firmware
  • In Ubuntu and Debian the firmware files are already included in the base distribution