DCDC6-16-TO5 DCDC6-16-TO5 DCDC6-16-TO5
Convertor from 6-16V DC to 5V/2A DC
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50 - 10000 pcs4.76 EUR
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Allows your boards that are typically powered by a 5V power source (Raspberry Pi, A20-OLinuXino-LIME, BeagleBone, etc) to get powered by an power source in the 6V and 16V DC range.

Very convenient solution if you want to use your 5V boards in a car - the DCDC6-16-TO5 will transform the 12V input to 5V/2A output.

The input connector is a standard power jack which can be paired with Olimex PWR-CABLE. The output connector is USB type A host which you can establish hardware connection to your board via an USB-A mini cable.


  • Input (barrel jack side): 6-16VDC
  • Output (USB side): 5VDC, up to 2A
  • Red status LED
  • Power consumption - 15mA @ 12V
  • 4 placement holes for attaching to own designs
  • PCB size: (1.7 x 0.9)" ~ (43.2 x 22.9)mm