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RP2040-PICO30 is RP2040-PICO with 30 GPIO EXPOSED

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  • RP2040-PICO30
  • RP2040-PICO30-16
  • RP2040-PICO30U
  • RP2040-PICO30U-16
Price4.70 EUR
Pre-order - expected availability date 16 Jun 2023
RP2040-PICO30 is re-design of the popular RP2040-PICO but exposes all 30 GPIOs .
RP2040-PICO30 is with 2MB Flash as original RP2040-PICO, but there is also version RP2040-PICO30-16 with the maximal possible flash for RP2040 - 16MB.
RP2040-PICO30U has also mounted UEXT connector and LED. The LED is not connected to any port by default, but can be connected to GPIO25 as in the original RP2040-PICO via solder jumper. There are two 2.2K pullup resistors to the SCL SDL ports GPIO16 and GPIO17


  • RP2040 CortexM0 microcontroller
  • RP2040-PICO pinout and dimentions
  • SY8089A 3.3V 2A (3A peak) DCDC power supply
  • 30 GPIOs available to the user
  • USB-C connector
  • Boot button
  • RESET button
  • 2MB or 16MB Flash
  • Optional UEXT connector (U version)
  • Optional status LED (U version)
  • Dimensions 51 x 21 mm



  • RP2040 C-SDK
  • RP2040 MycroPython SDK