IRC #olimex 2024-02-04

[15:49:04] <yang2> KREYREN_: what is ANX display fix ?
[19:36:36] <KREYREN_> yang2, this patch appears to fix the ANX on 6.7.2
[19:36:44] <KREYREN_> reportedly working on gentoo and i am still testing it
[19:36:49] <KREYREN_> more testing appreciated!
[19:37:57] <KREYREN_> CC bill-auger GNUtoo
[20:00:12] <KREYREN_> yang2, btw if you want to help then i need some artistic pictures of teres on
[20:08:33] <norton> can I erase NAND through USB-FEL mode?
[20:39:14] <yang2> KREYREN_: what kind of pictures are you looking for, only exterior? Because I am not opening mine, yetŽ
[20:39:35] <yang2> also I only have a mobile phone camera
[20:39:43] <yang2> so can't really make great hotos
[20:39:46] <yang2> photos
[20:39:57] <KREYREN_> yang2, The referenced wiki has placeholders with explanation for what picture is expected there
[20:40:08] <KREYREN_> norton, NAND?
[20:40:17] <KREYREN_> what board
[20:40:43] <yang2> KREYREN_: so, why don't you upload photos of your Teres?
[20:41:30] <KREYREN_> bcs my bf who is better at making artisic pictures is at prague rn and it looks better if community provides pictures of the device
[20:42:09] <KREYREN_> and i want to make the main picture with teres portraited doing something badass like driving on top of a drone
[20:42:09] <KREYREN_> xD
[20:43:56] <yang2> I think it's better to make good quality photos, not to do double work
[20:44:18] <yang2> (double uploads)
[20:55:17] <norton> KREYREN_: Olimex A20 OLinuXino Micro
[21:13:42] <KREYREN_> norton, that should be possible to erase via FEL do you know how?
[21:14:30] <KREYREN_>
[21:15:41] <KREYREN_> For how to use FEL:
[21:15:58] <KREYREN_> if you need help with figuring out how to erase it then ask in #linux-sunxi on OFTC
[22:06:16] <yang2> KREYREN_: you didn't answer, I asked you what is/does ANX driver?
[23:31:27] <yang2> Hello, I am still trying to resolve the isssue with Olimex Teres laptop, I have LUKS encrypted eMMC drive, and it only asks me about the password when I am connected through the serial console, the password question goes there. All I see on the laptop screen is a blinking cursor, and later the "lightdm" starts and I can login to X.
[23:31:57] <yang2> the boot process is also visible only over the serial console, there are no boot messages going to laptop monitor...