IRC #olimex 2023-03-06

[05:03:21] <kreyren2> bill-auger: i will probably go through with that standalone repo that builds archlinux for sunxi and other SBC with the intention to be integrated in armbian's framework bcs people are annoying me about it
[05:03:36] <kreyren2> implement aarch64 packages and i can implement parabola
[05:27:18] <bill-auger> is that an appology?
[05:27:28] <kreyren2> fuck no
[05:27:37] <kreyren2> it's people annoying me to work on arch
[05:27:58] <kreyren2> wtf would i apologize for
[13:56:53] <bill-auger> just wondering - you were putting out some rather harsh vibes two day ago
[14:06:43] <kreyren2> meaning
[14:32:35] <clarity> they're probably thinking about something about shoving a linux distribution up a donkey :D
[14:33:19] <kreyren2> O.o
[14:33:40] <kreyren2> pretty sure i proposed putting that on a flash disk and sacrificing it to the fire god
[14:33:46] <kreyren2> oh
[14:33:46] <kreyren2> right
[14:33:49] <kreyren2> i am mad about it yes
[14:33:51] <kreyren2> hmpf
[15:05:11] <clarity> Tsvetan have you looked at the bouffalo lab bl808? 64MB PSRAM and 480MHz 64-bit RISC-V core plus two 32-bit cores sounds frankly quite incredible :|
[15:05:33] <clarity> Of course it's yet another china chip
[15:05:35] <clarity> :)
[15:06:14] <clarity> Not to mention wifi + ble in same kit
[15:06:29] <clarity> Sounds almost too good to be true tbh, I wonder what's the catch
[15:07:33] <kreyren2> clarity: booo china chips get free world chips
[15:07:36] <kreyren2> ACTION grins
[15:07:49] <kreyren2> wait
[15:07:54] <kreyren2> WIFI and BLE in the same kit?
[15:07:57] <clarity> Yes!
[15:08:08] <kreyren2> it's the chip they use in pinetime right
[15:08:56] <clarity> pinetime is a nordicsemi chip according to https://pine64.com/product/pinetime-smartwatch-sealed/
[15:09:15] <kreyren2> old one?
[15:09:16] <kreyren2> wait
[15:09:16] <kreyren2> the new one
[15:09:17] <kreyren2> ehh
[15:09:52] <Tsvetan> BL808 looks nice probably will be capable to run OpenWRT
[15:10:09] <Tsvetan> I saw today something else in the same target group
[15:10:11] <kreyren2> o.o
[15:10:41] <Tsvetan> https://twitter.com/GLGH_/status/1632616362442129409
[15:10:44] <Tsvetan> R128
[15:11:33] <kreyren2> it's ehh power efficient right
[15:11:35] <Tsvetan> with 1MB SRAM 8MB PSRAM 8MB Flash
[15:11:53] <clarity> kreyren2: So yeah I'd buy "free world", maybe nordic semi or such.. but even their top tier soc looks like a toy if you compare the specs on paper to that bouffalo lab chip.. at least in terms of performance, idk about power consumption
[15:11:55] <kreyren2> so that i could probably jumper it to my power button on tsvetan to do Wake on WLAN
[15:11:56] <kreyren2> πŸ€”
[15:11:58] <Tsvetan> looks like many companies try to catch what Espressif is doing
[15:12:27] <Tsvetan> I don't know the prices too
[15:12:29] <kreyren2> hm o.o
[15:12:35] <clarity> So I find it incredible that bfl is selling something that much more powerful.. probably for not too many $$$
[15:12:50] <clarity> Nordic semi chips kinda expensive for what you get
[15:13:06] <clarity> Which I wouldn't mind if you actually got what the others offer
[15:13:11] <clarity> I'd happily pay the nordic premium :P
[15:13:18] <clarity> But they just don't seem competitive right now..
[15:13:21] <clarity> Maybe in a few years?
[15:13:47] <clarity> IIRC nordicsemi bought some company that makes wifi IP so I'd expect them to expand their range to include wifi and more powerful chips to go with it
[15:16:42] <clarity> Oh
[15:17:14] <kreyren2> o.o
[15:17:21] <clarity> Lol
[15:17:21] <clarity> https://www.nordicsemi.com/Products/nRF7002
[15:18:47] <clarity> Not really impressed with the idea of nrf53 + a companion ic for wifi
[15:21:39] <kreyren2> i am too sleep deprivated what is that
[15:22:00] <kreyren2> is that like wifi chip or is that something that can run my notebook
[15:24:20] <clarity> It is a wifi chip
[15:31:28] <kreyren2> ohhh
[15:31:40] <kreyren2> libre firmware and kernel driver_
[15:31:42] <kreyren2> ???
[15:32:32] <kreyren2> you already answered that right
[15:32:33] <kreyren2> should really go to sleep
[15:33:45] <clarity> I haven't looked at the driver status
[15:33:56] <clarity> But given that it's a new chip, I would not expect any support in linux
[15:34:05] <kreyren2> booo proprietareyyy
[15:42:56] <clarity> Looks like the drivers may be open https://github.com/nrfconnect/sdk-nrf/tree/main/drivers/wifi/nrf700x
[15:43:04] <clarity> But I can't tell at a glance if everything one needs is there
[15:43:13] <kreyren2> o.o
[15:43:28] <clarity> With so much boilerplate and crap scattered around, as is typical in these sdks..
[15:43:33] <kreyren2> how many pins it has
[15:44:34] <clarity> 48
[15:44:46] <kreyren2> @_@
[15:45:51] <clarity> https://blog.golioth.io/trying-out-golioth-with-the-nordic-nrf7002/
[15:46:15] <clarity> Works with zephyr which is open source.. but again I can't tell at a glance if they snuck in some blobs or if it's all there
[15:46:44] <clarity> The chip's firmware can be updated with blobs but idk if any of that is needed for a working driver
[15:47:30] <kreyren2> o.o
[15:53:20] <clarity> Documentation looks incomplete :( so you'd really have to dig in the existing drivers to understand whether it is fully open
[15:54:34] <kreyren2> mehhh
[16:01:50] <clarity> I'm somewhat optimistic that it might be fully open, altough the incomplete docs make me suspicious
[16:02:13] <clarity> If it's fully open, it does seem like a nice chip despite my initial reaction
[16:02:24] <clarity> I mean it'd be convenient to have it all in same package like the bl808
[16:02:55] <clarity> .. but if this thing works and you can write drivers, then it could be used to enable wifi on just about anything..
[16:03:07] <Tsvetan> RZ\Five dev board come today and I'm impessed with the processor datasheet :) 2400 pages datasheet with every detail explained in great detail.
[16:03:15] <kreyren2> well ping me when we have freedom then~
[16:03:55] <clarity> Maybe I'll buy the dk but I'm always so damn short on time
[16:03:56] <kreyren2> o.o
[16:04:06] <clarity> .. and figuring out these sdk messes is always so time consuming, sigh
[16:04:26] <clarity> Especially if you don't really want to use some big-ass bloated sdk but write a small & clean system
[16:04:33] <Tsvetan> excellent candidate for OSHW RZFive-OLinuXino with two Gigabit Ethernets, 4GB DDR4, they also have Long term support Linux (Yocto based) with Linux Kernel 5.10
[16:04:40] <clarity> Nice
[16:04:48] <kreyren2> but can it gnome n' freecad
[16:05:00] <clarity> gnome is bloat :(
[16:05:08] <Tsvetan> RZFive is headless
[16:05:11] <kreyren2> 43 ain't
[16:05:21] <Tsvetan> just server
[16:05:22] <kreyren2> sooo RTOS?
[16:05:25] <kreyren2> oh
[16:05:40] <kreyren2> ...
[16:05:41] <kreyren2> OSHW RISCV SERVER?
[16:05:46] <Tsvetan> yes
[16:05:52] <clarity> As long as there's enough I/O, you can always add a "head" :)
[16:05:56] <kreyren2> 🌟_🌟
[16:06:24] <Tsvetan> so far only JH7110 and D1-H have video but seems they both are not easy to buy while RZFive is active
[16:06:39] <Tsvetan> there is stock at Mouser and Digikey
[16:06:43] <kreyren2> Tsvetan: but can you make it cluster
[16:06:56] <Tsvetan> clarity yes, small SPI LCD is always possible
[16:07:14] <clarity> You can do quite a bit with gigabit ethernet too
[16:07:20] <Tsvetan> but just FB no fancy graphics
[16:07:50] <Tsvetan> yes perfect for home server with separate LANs for outside and inside home
[16:07:59] <kreyren2> 🌟_🌟
[16:08:13] <kreyren2> perfect for drones too in theory
[16:09:03] <kreyren2> flying servers @_@
[16:09:16] <kreyren2> literal definition of cloud
[16:11:33] <kreyren2> Tsvetan: https://github.com/OLIMEX/DIY-LAPTOP/issues/58 plz halp
[16:11:34] <kreyren2> ^-^
[16:12:46] <Tsvetan> kreyren2 I'm afraid we can't help with this
[16:13:21] <kreyren2> the RTL8723BS has wake host and it's connected to UART_TX though
[16:16:03] <kreyren2> Tsvetan: or like if you know of any libre alternative to the WIFI/BLE chip or know if it's possible to make that module listen for magic packets when the system is suspended/off then that would help too
[16:16:03] <kreyren2> ^-^
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