IRC #olimex 2023-03-04

[01:34:46] <kreyren2> bill-auger: take that arch and shove it up your ass
[04:46:55] <kreyren2>
[04:46:55] <kreyren2> :O
[04:46:59] <kreyren2> people use A20 as linuxcnc system?
[06:46:36] <kreyren2> how does that even work
[06:58:08] <kreyren2>
[06:58:09] <kreyren2> "O
[14:32:32] <Plop> Hi, I own a esp32-iso-ea and I would like to disable all the leds on the board is there anyway to achieve this without destroying/desoldering the leds ?
[19:30:12] <kreyren2> <Plop> "Hi, I own a esp32-iso-ea and I..." <- CC Tsvetan
[19:30:17] <kreyren2> bcs i dunno