IRC #olimex 2023-03-01

[11:43:18] <torari> hello
[11:49:31] <Tsvetan> RK3588 not before mainline linux is available with all support not preliminary
[11:55:25] <torari> chess
[12:14:46] <Tsvetan> NXP iMX8 QM and MP are already designed and waiting for chips
[12:16:16] <Tsvetan> they are comparable to RK3588 but from EU/US source and company Linux support not just Android kernel and lean on enthusiasts to do their job
[19:59:31] <kreyren2> Tsvetan: pleaseeee give me the preliminary designssss i want to mess with them so badd
[20:00:10] <kreyren2> ACTION uploaded an image: (347KiB) < >
[20:32:16] <kreyren2> ACTION submitted
[20:32:18] <kreyren2> btw~ @_@
[22:32:27] <kreyren2> RK3588 mainline status
[22:32:40] <clarity> Shame about the waiting for chips! I've been waiting so long :P
[22:54:59] <kreyren2> Do we know how will we have to wait? O.o
[22:55:22] <kreyren2> for like the NXP chips
[22:56:48] <kreyren2> Tsvetan: Is there a minimal support requirement for the RK3588 for you to make SBC for it? might contrib some things~
[23:10:38] <clarity> I'm probably getting some nxp chips this week but general availability, shrug no idea ;_;
[23:10:56] <kreyren2> you can get the chips? :O
[23:11:01] <clarity> Well, boards
[23:11:02] <clarity> evks
[23:11:10] <kreyren2> how much i just need like 2
[23:11:11] <kreyren2> for a bike and notebook
[23:11:11] <kreyren2> @_@
[23:11:16] <kreyren2> O.o
[23:11:17] <kreyren2> wa
[23:12:11] <clarity> good luck no stock :(
[23:14:41] <clarity> same with qm
[23:14:42] <clarity>
[23:24:54] <kreyren2> hm O.o