IRC #olimex 2023-02-28

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[23:00:14] <bill-auger> kreyren2: just to note, the crust upstream had a fix - your ticket was a duplicate of at least 2 others
[23:00:57] <bill-auger> 2 other bug reports, plus the pull request with the fix
[23:30:32] <kreyren2> bill-auger: what's the fix then
[23:30:52] <kreyren2> upstream src patch i assume
[23:37:34] <bill-auger> i will leave that as an exercise for you - it was very easy to find - you should have found it on your own before opening a duplicate bug report
[23:37:54] <kreyren2> just tell me
[23:37:55] <kreyren2> 💢
[23:37:55] <kreyren2> fuck the exercise i am busy af with
[23:38:09] <bill-auger> before opening any bug report, one should always search the bug tracker for an existing issue, and simply add "yes me too" to it
[23:38:33] <kreyren2> did, didn't find any
[23:38:51] <bill-auger> the upstream developers are busy too - you wasted their time by opening a duplicate bug report
[23:39:19] <kreyren2> ain't my fault that their project has inefficient management
[23:39:53] <bill-auger> i found it within seconds, as soon as i started looking - its a good habit to get into - we could have had that fix days ago
[23:40:25] <bill-auger> still not sure if crust is needed; but it compiles now
[23:40:35] <kreyren2> i put the output in the search and it didn't find anything
[23:40:48] <kreyren2> crust is needed the notebook drains a lot of power when at sleep without it
[23:41:00] <bill-auger> i did not even need to search - it is the only open pull request
[23:41:19] <kreyren2> i didn't see any
[23:42:39] <bill-auger> np, just offering helpful advice
[23:43:01] <kreyren2> ain't helpful bcs i still dunno what the issue is and it's distracting me from engineering my bike :P
[23:43:09] <kreyren2> why don't you help with the bike!
[23:43:11] <kreyren2> ehh?!
[23:51:53] <bill-auger> i also do not know what the issue is - so i asked the upstream to explain before accepting the pull request
[23:52:38] <kreyren2> from what i looked it was bad coding practices that do not respect arguments as a workarounds to bugs
[23:52:45] <bill-auger> so that hopefully i will know, by the time it is ready to release
[23:53:01] <kreyren2> ping me when it releases
[23:53:01] <kreyren2> thanku
[23:53:01] <kreyren2> <3
[23:53:14] <kreyren2> which reminds me i need to annoy tsvetan about RK3588S
[23:53:41] <bill-auger> that may be, but it is a compiler warning - those should be investigated, before being ignored
[23:54:13] <kreyren2> Tsvetan: can we pleaseeeeeee get a SBC with RK3588S? ❤️