IRC #olimex 2023-02-27

[09:52:57] <Tsvetan> kreyren2 no problem to add the image on our ftp where other images are
[09:53:51] <clarity> good morning :)
[14:51:56] <kreyren2> <Tsvetan> "Shane on ⚡️ no..." <- wa
[14:52:01] <kreyren2> oh i got a polish bro hosting it xD
[14:52:15] <kreyren2> and it's just preliminary anyway O.o
[14:53:04] <kreyren2> btw. i will soon submit you automatec builds for apt distros ^-^
[15:02:01] <kreyren2> through you can seed the torrent O.o
[16:11:08] <kreyren2> also is there a way to wake up teres from suspension remotely
[16:11:12] <kreyren2> like wake on lan or something
[17:16:57] <kreyren2> bill-auger: btw kicking me from the room breaks the whole huggin gbridge
[17:17:19] <kreyren2> tell gnutoo that i hate him and that he's a terrible person
[17:21:32] <kreyren2> but like in a playful and non-serious way
[17:21:33] <kreyren2> O.o
[17:21:42] <kreyren2> apparently i have to say that bcs ppl don't get it~