IRC #olimex 2023-01-25

[02:28:16] <kreyren> ACTION was able to find resources on 9 different linux distributions for teres-1 and doccumented it in
[02:31:46] <kreyren> 11 actually
[02:31:49] <kreyren> ^-^
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[14:33:38] <kreyren> <kreyren>
[14:33:38] <kreyren> <kreyren> i found something~
[14:33:38] <kreyren> <kreyren> Tsvetan, can i get account there! ^-^
[14:33:41] <kreyren> ^-^
[15:06:03] <Guest3910> Hello could some one tell how the date code can be read on the Allwinner A13?
[15:51:35] <kreyren> Guest3910, i don't have A13, but i guess you can see that on the gerbers?
[15:57:34] <kreyren> mps, can you pull your alpine strings and get me the apk image for mesa 22.3.1-r0 so that i can deploy the thing on my teres without issues?
[15:57:56] <kreyren> as the userland issue has been identified to be caused by mesa
[17:24:32] <mps> kreyren: alpine is small, simple distro and we don't 'ship' big ready-made images for users lazy to learn basic things
[17:55:35] <kreyren> mps, imma willing to learn basic things, but none in pmos nor alpine seems to know how to get mesa with that version
[17:58:36] <mps> mesa works fine on alpine
[18:00:07] <kreyren> not on my end
[18:01:07] <mps> report bug on
[18:04:43] <kreyren> mps, to what repo? alpine/help?
[18:07:43] <mps> alpine aports
[18:08:03] <mps>
[18:19:11] <kreyren> submitted
[22:20:54] <kreyren> mps, Can you write down somewhere what exact changes are you doing to the kernel so that i can contribute a build system for armbian?
[22:21:31] <kreyren> Or like if you are generating them through apk then the source for the file would work too
[22:21:50] <kreyren> ACTION wants to document that in
[22:28:37] <kreyren> What are DEFAULT_OVERLAYS ?
[22:28:43] <kreyren> oh wrong chat
[22:29:59] <mps> kreyren: if you want to make 'official' alpine image you should use linux-lts or linux-edge kernel from alpine repo and not my tweaked linux-sunxi
[22:30:40] <kreyren> mps, this is for an official armbian image, i will submit official alpine image in olimex repo and set up Continuous things to build them
[22:31:03] <kreyren> but still having your config would be good reference bcs i can easily apply configs and patches in the armbian thing for the board
[22:31:10] <kreyren> and i love deep optimization:3
[22:32:12] <mps> when you unpack/install linux-sunxi you will will find kernel config file in /boot/config-sunxi
[22:33:32] <mps> I could post APKBUILD file for linux-sunxi if you think to use it
[22:33:39] <kreyren> ACTION nods nods nods
[22:34:09] <mps>
[22:34:33] <mps> this is for build sunxi kernels for arm64 and arm32
[22:35:57] <mps> read about alpine build system
[22:38:25] <mps> kreyren: I'm curious, why do you want to work on all these distros for teres-i?
[22:39:02] <mps> isn't it better to concentrate on one of them and improve it
[22:39:36] <kreyren> bcs both armbian and alpine are simple to automate to be worth the time and i need good fallback system to develop guix image
[22:40:55] <mps> kreyren: note, I have local personal patch to reorder mmc for teres-i
[22:41:13] <kreyren> anything relevant is appreciated ^-^
[22:41:15] <mps> maybe you already noticed that
[22:41:24] <kreyren> i will siv through things and figure out things with them
[22:48:05] <mps>
[22:48:41] <mps> kreyren: this is complete aports for linux-sunxi
[22:48:57] <mps> for kernel build
[22:55:09] <kreyren> thank!