IRC #olimex 2023-01-24

[08:03:23] <Tsvetan> AR9271 is not produced for many years, I doubt there is decent WiFi chip with free firmware
[08:37:35] <bill-auger> Tsvetan: we maintain a list of them, if you can source any
[08:37:35] <bill-auger> ath9k_htc: AR9271, AR7010
[08:37:35] <bill-auger> rtl8187: RTL8187L, RTL8187B
[08:37:35] <bill-auger> 88XXau: RTL8812AU, RTL8821AU, RTL8814AU
[08:39:09] <Tsvetan> Thanks bill, I will check AR9271 AR7010 are 12 years old chips, no production
[08:39:35] <bill-auger> i doubt if any are still in production - any back-stock lots available are somwhat precious
[08:40:00] <Tsvetan> RTL8187 is even older
[08:40:30] <bill-auger> yes, i have one, from around 2007
[08:42:31] <Tsvetan> RTL8812AU seems more decent from 2017 :)
[08:46:18] <Tsvetan> dual band 2.4 and 5 Ghz nice module but price is $15-20
[08:46:44] <Tsvetan> now kreyren will not like the price :)))
[08:47:45] <bill-auger> that one is in doubt - there are no libre AC class devices
[08:49:13] <bill-auger> yes, i double checked - the 88XXau devices must be removed from the list - the kernel module contains a firmware blob
[09:02:05] <Tsvetan> ok, so no decent chipset with free firmware
[09:20:54] <bill-auger> there are many more which were found in PCI cards - there could be some that would fit the teres internally
[09:22:21] <bill-auger> ath9k: AR5416, AR5418, AR9160, AR9280, AR9220, AR9281, AR9283, AR9223, AR9287, AR9227, AR9380, AR9382, AR9390, AR9392, AR9462, AR9463, AR9485, AR9580, AR9582, AR9590, AR9592, QCA9565
[09:22:21] <bill-auger> rtl818x_pci: RTL8180L, RTL8185L, RTL8185B, RTL8187SE
[09:22:51] <bill-auger> the previous set is all USB devies
[12:04:40] <kreyren> Tsvetan, 15~20 USD is well worth the freedom!~
[12:06:45] <kreyren> and i am kinda on a spending spree rn~ so if you have any good APU that i can get instead of steam deck xD
[12:28:23] <bill-auger> kreyren: just to be clear, there is no firmware source code for the those 88XXau - that entry was wrong on the wiki page i quoted
[12:32:21] <kreyren> mps, referencing
[12:32:32] <kreyren> bill-auger, i hear problems but not solutions! aaaAAAAAAAA
[12:32:42] <kreyren> LIBERATE MY WIFI!
[12:32:59] <bill-auger> i agree that $20 would be a bargain - the libre-only online shops sell AR9271 USB devices for $50 - the internal cards are more
[12:34:42] <bill-auger> this project is probably the most mature effort
[12:36:00] <kreyren> ;-;
[13:01:06] <bill-auger> Tsvetan: these are the PCI cards, approved by the FSF RYF, which may be suitable for teres
[13:01:06] <bill-auger> AR9280
[13:01:06] <bill-auger> AR9382
[13:01:06] <bill-auger> AR9380
[13:03:11] <bill-auger> assuming that the teres supports PCI cards - that is rare for ARM baords yes?
[13:10:04] <kreyren> Tsvetan, btw. can you make it like more obvious that teres-1 and that RTL8188ETV use proprietary malware on the website? O.o
[13:10:15] <kreyren> bill-auger, hug fsf ryf
[13:10:54] <kreyren> can A64 even do PCI cards like this? O.o
[13:11:30] <Tsvetan> bill-auger A64 has no PCI
[13:20:42] <kreyren> bill-auger, keep going find solution
[13:21:00] <bill-auger> you would want only the chips, yes? - i just assumed that the chips on those cards may still be available
[13:24:53] <kreyren> ain't those chips like designed to work only on PCI?
[13:31:25] <bill-auger> yes, that may be - i see no overlap in model names - but OTOH, olimex designs gadgets - perhaps a PCI interface on the teres board? - that would give the teres owner many more options of common cheap hardware
[13:32:22] <kreyren> how would that PCI interface work? the chip doesn't support it
[13:32:39] <kreyren> the best you can do is some weird hackery that enumerates it to the USB bus afaik
[13:33:00] <kreyren> as the USB seems to have the fastest bandwitdh among the available busses
[13:34:01] <kreyren> or join my club of annoying Tsvetan until he gives us the WIP board for TUSKLA~
[13:34:58] <kreyren> The := club
[13:35:17] <kreyren> bill-auger, ^
[13:41:50] <bill-auger> i am not at that level of wixardry - "the solution" from our perspective is more high-level - a new laptop, which can run parabola
[13:42:57] <kreyren> so Power Progress Community laptop?
[13:43:03] <bill-auger> there is only one known, and only since recently - the pinebook pro - but that also has a proprietary internal wifi
[13:43:31] <kreyren>
[13:43:36] <bill-auger> if there are ever exist viable POWER or RISCV cmoputers, those wold automatically become interesting
[13:43:43] <kreyren>
[13:44:00] <kreyren> literally OSHW POWER9 laptop
[13:44:00] <kreyren> xD
[13:44:25] <kreyren> designed in KiCAD~
[13:44:35] <kreyren> i like teres-1 more though bcs lighter
[13:45:18] <kreyren> also battery life
[13:45:55] <bill-auger> the important factor is "the ones known" (demonstrated) to run linux-libre - i susoect that the teres also can; but no one has demonstrated so
[13:48:47] <kreyren> i ain't aware of it having any non-free components
[13:48:59] <bill-auger> the wifi
[13:50:30] <kreyren> last time i checked they were using someyhing Ryffed
[13:54:29] <bill-auger> that is precisely the reason why i mention all of this - wifi is much less important for the SBCs - those have ethernet ports
[13:55:35] <kreyren> teres doesn't have ethernet port ;-;
[13:56:00] <kreyren> bcs tsvetan pulled the apple on the board~
[13:57:26] <kreyren>
[14:00:44] <bill-auger> the teres manual actaully suggests that it can have ethernet - maybe a typo though
[14:01:02] <kreyren> though the USB mod probably
[14:01:21] <bill-auger> though i found none in the "spare parts" sectionm nor wifi
[14:02:19] <bill-auger> whichver wifi it has, looks like is on the mainboard, not easily replceable
[14:28:05] <kreyren> easily replacible for me with hot air station(TM)
[14:28:15] <kreyren> ideal scenario would be a thing i can just replace that with
[15:31:41] <mps> kreyren: where do you see this bug
[15:40:37] <kreyren> mps, elaborate?
[15:53:45] <kreyren> mps, postmarkeros devs seems to identify the issue -> It's in mesa and not observed on mesa-22.3.1-r0
[15:54:05] <mps> where? in kernel or userspace
[15:54:13] <kreyren> seems to be userspace
[15:54:32] <mps> ah, ok. I don't follow userspace bugs
[15:55:05] <mps> kreyren:
[15:55:34] <kreyren> o_o
[15:57:00] <kreyren> unless the alpine packages pushes in the kernel modules
[15:57:46] <mps> when you report bug you have to say where you see it
[16:03:39] <kreyren> mps, how am i supposed to know that i just got this thing and never used alpine like this before! >_<
[16:04:08] <mps> you saw message somewhere?
[16:04:22] <kreyren> hm? O.o
[16:04:49] <mps> how can I know where you saw this message
[16:05:02] <kreyren> what message
[16:06:17] <mps>
[16:06:58] <kreyren> ACTION is even more confused
[16:07:15] <kreyren> my message is above that
[16:07:33] <kreyren> i have no idea what caleb's saying so i referenced it to you thinking it's kernel stuff
[16:08:03] <mps> oh, I have to find crystal ball ;-)
[16:08:18] <kreyren> =..=
[16:08:38] <kreyren> like he links lore and stuff about arm
[16:09:32] <kreyren> that's like supposed to be your playground no? xD
[16:09:34] <mps> I told earlier that I don't follow pmOS
[16:10:06] <mps> pmOS is different from alpine
[16:10:47] <kreyren> i have that problem on alpine which doesn't have it tracked though
[16:10:56] <mps> ok
[16:10:57] <kreyren> so seems relevant
[16:10:59] <kreyren> same chip and stuff
[16:11:08] <mps> then tell where in alpine
[16:11:22] <kreyren> ehh on my sdcard?
[16:11:43] <kreyren> oh where IN
[16:11:44] <kreyren> ummm
[16:11:46] <mps> uh, I mean which part of software stack
[16:12:03] <mps> kernel, X server, some apps
[16:12:22] <kreyren> that's what i was asking you if what celeb wrote rings a bell for you to point to the issue in the kernel else imma go to that guy who handles userland
[16:12:51] <kreyren> it's present when trying to launch xfce/gnome
[16:12:56] <kreyren> or X
[16:12:58] <mps> I told you that I don't see this bug
[16:13:01] <kreyren> O.o
[16:13:20] <mps> so, it is somewhere in software you run
[16:13:54] <kreyren> oke imma go annoy piraty about solution then~
[17:12:19] <kreyren> ACTION added teres's OS distribution to
[17:12:24] <kreyren> if you know of other distros then plz let me know
[19:29:19] <kreyren> i have to keep using a pencil to put in n' out the sdcards bcs my nails are too short
[19:29:27] <kreyren> it's so hugging annoying you can't even imagine
[23:55:36] <kreyren>
[23:55:40] <kreyren> i found something~
[23:55:47] <kreyren> Tsvetan, can i get account there! ^-^