IRC #olimex 2023-01-23

[00:53:50] <kreyren> mps, can't get any desktop environment (gnome, xfce) to work, do you know why?
[01:18:44] <kreyren> aaaaand.. it's guix now
[01:18:45] <kreyren> xD
[01:22:07] <kreyren> hmm
[01:22:12] <kreyren> installing guix breaks the iwd
[01:22:13] <kreyren> =..=
[01:25:35] <kreyren> also got xfce to work, but gnome still brokennn
[11:44:42] <kreyren> mps, in case you know:
[11:44:45] <kreyren> this is log from GDM
[11:50:16] <mps> kreyren: I don't know much about these big DEs and gdm and similar
[11:50:37] <kreyren> @_@
[11:51:01] <mps> I use simple things on my machines, for example awesome wm is enough for me on desktop
[11:51:34] <mps> even xfce is too big for my taste
[11:53:07] <kreyren> well xfce works >_>
[11:54:46] <mps> big DEs and featurism are 'pushed' by hardware vendors to get more money
[11:56:26] <mps> on my powerful apple silicon m1pro macbook with 32GB ram I even don't run udev
[11:56:35] <kreyren> o.o
[11:56:38] <kreyren> ehww apple
[11:58:16] <kreyren> Tsvetan, can i get a wiki account on olimex? i want to document things for teres @_@
[11:59:17] <Tsvetan> kreyren no, I would prefer you to do this elsewhere, last time we gave account to someone who wanted to contribute he broke all links which points to the wiki from our blog, web etc
[11:59:51] <Tsvetan> so clone the GitHub project, there is option to add wiki
[12:00:29] <kreyren> i can do miraheze wiki, can i drop you a mail with pages for you to use so that i have easier time ? :p
[12:00:51] <kreyren> actually nwm the pages are somewhat simple
[12:00:52] <kreyren> oke oke~
[12:11:42] <kreyren> bwhahaha
[13:22:02] <kreyren> Tsvetan, is one huge mediawiki with things to handle orders? O.o
[13:22:19] <kreyren> oh it's not nwm
[15:35:58] <kreyren> mps, i seem to have a kernel-related issue with +- what's described here
[15:36:14] <kreyren> DRM_IOCTL_MODE_CREATE_DUMB failed: Out of memory
[16:42:27] <kreyren> also can you add the other kernel versions in the index file so that i don't have to suffer through installing that manually @_@
[18:06:51] <kreyren> mps, also why are you using linux-firmware for the OlinuXino-A64 ?
[18:07:04] <kreyren> A64 should be fully mainlined no?
[18:30:39] <kreyren> hmm alpine ppl say that linux-lts should work
[18:30:43] <kreyren> o_o
[21:19:41] <mps> kreyren: linux kernel depends on linux-firmware-all by default and this is a lot of pkgs, but by installing linux-firmware-none that means no firmware is installed
[21:19:58] <kreyren> o.o
[21:20:12] <kreyren> i see
[21:20:14] <mps> kreyren: I don't follow pmOS and their bugs
[21:20:23] <kreyren> why the custom kernel over linux-lts though
[21:20:55] <mps> because I like kernels tailored for specific SoCs and not bloated one for all
[21:32:14] <kreyren> hm o.o
[21:32:29] <kreyren> ummm do you know how to fix that DRM issue then @_@\
[21:36:53] <mps> what is the problem with drm
[21:37:07] <mps> for me it works
[21:46:38] <kreyren> for me it shows 'DRM_IOCTL_MODE_CREATE_DUMB failed: Out of memory' why i try to do anything GUI like do XFCE4, GNOME or even open firefox
[21:51:09] <mps> hm, which kernel you use
[21:54:49] <kreyren> mps, 6.0.8-r0
[21:56:09] <mps> is it -lts alpine kernel?
[21:57:00] <kreyren> mps, no it's your kernel linux-sunxi-6.0.8-r0
[21:57:38] <mps> hm,where you found it?
[21:57:52] <mps> I can't remeber I uploaded it
[21:58:09] <kreyren> mps, you told me to install it xD it's latest kernel from your repo
[21:58:47] <mps> so I'm loosing memory
[21:58:56] <kreyren>
[21:59:26] <kreyren>
[22:00:03] <mps> ah, yes I see
[22:00:15] <mps> I forgot about this
[22:01:17] <kreyren> o.o
[22:01:58] <mps> new one
[22:02:17] <kreyren> o.o didn't you say it has a performance issues though
[22:02:28] <mps> yes, but it works
[22:02:51] <kreyren> does the 5.17.4 work too?
[22:02:52] <mps> I think MGLRU should be disabled for A64
[22:03:05] <kreyren> ACTION doesn't know what MGLRU is
[22:03:20] <mps> yes, should work
[22:03:49] <mps> MultiGen Last Recently Used
[22:04:04] <kreyren> o.o
[22:05:11] <kreyren> still no idea
[22:05:12] <kreyren> xD
[22:06:02] <mps> then don't care for it ;-)
[22:06:14] <kreyren> mhm o.o
[22:20:01] <kreyren> mps, that kernel doesn't seem to want to boot
[22:20:31] <mps> hm, it boots fine for me
[22:23:16] <kreyren> hmm seems that the partitions are hugged up
[22:23:18] <kreyren> recreating it
[22:31:02] <kreyren> hmm did the linux-firmware-none and the wifi is not working
[22:31:26] <kreyren> I assume that the `linux-firmware-rtlwifi` is important then?
[22:31:41] <kreyren> mps
[22:33:11] <mps> not sure, maybe you are right
[22:34:07] <kreyren> cc Tsvetan does TERES-1 have proprietary blobs for the wifi/BLE ?
[22:36:26] <kreyren> hmm works with firmware for rtlwifi
[22:36:31] <kreyren> ACTION feels betrayed
[22:37:56] <mps> good, will try to remember to add it in install script
[22:38:32] <kreyren> no it's horrible! >_<
[22:40:29] <mps> kreyren: sorry, I can't debug it now anymore, maybe will find time tomorrow evening
[22:40:38] <kreyren> oke thanks for helping
[22:40:58] <kreyren> Tsvetan, you are selling Atheros_AR9271 did you tried to replace the proprietary garbage in teres-1's mainboard with it?
[22:54:56] <kreyren> mps, still getting DRM_IOCTL_MODE_CREATE_DUMB failed: Out of memory
[22:57:25] <mps> hm, will look tomorrow
[22:57:43] <mps> sorry, I really don't have time now
[22:57:51] <kreyren> oke
[22:57:52] <kreyren> np